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Every Child Deserves a School Nurse

"You can't educate a child who isn't healthy and you can't keep a child healthy who isn't educated." Dr. M. Joycelyn Elders

Department Contact Information




Stafford High School Nurse Deborah Riley, RN PHONE 860-684-4233 x2
FAX: 860-684-0424
Middle School Nurse Michele Staczek, RN PHONE 860-684-2785x2  
FAX: 860-684-4671
Stafford Elementary School Nurse Mary Ellen Eaton, RN PHONE 860-684-3873 
FAX: 860-684-3925
West Stafford School Nurse Sarah Rivera, RN PHONE 860-684-3181x2 
FAX: 860-684-0328
Staffordville School Nurse Melissa Augusto, RN PHONE 860-684-3298x2 
FAX: 860-684-7088
 Stafford Elementary

Don Corne, RN
PHONE 860-684-3873 
FAX: 860-684-3925               


School-Based Health Services

The School-Based Health Center is offered here for the benefit of the students.

Please note: The School-Based Health Center works in conjunction with the care provided by your child's pediatrician and is not intended to replace regular care by your child's primary health-care provider.

If you feel your child in in need of any of our services, please see what we offer below:
  • Available Services - The SBHC offers many services including: Medical Services, Behavioral Health Services, and Dental Services.
  • All children enrolled in the school based health care program are eligible to receive services regardless of insurance status. For medical and behavioral health services, CHC accepts most insurance plans and there are NO our of pocket expenses. For dental services, there is a small fee if there is no insurance coverage. If you have no insurance, please ask SBHC staff about HUSKY insurance.
  • To begin receiving services, please go to to sign up quickly and easily online!
  • Please note all parts of the registration /enrollment form must be completed, signed and returned to the Health Center or the School Main Office before your child can receive services.

SBHC logo, nurse standing in front of school building.